Soul Career Reading


Soul Career Alignment Reading helps you to realign with the divine nature of your Soul. I access the Akashic Records* (only with full permission of the client) to obtain access to your divine Soul blueprint. This provides information on who you truly are at the Soul level as well as any blocks or restrictions you are experiencing in life which is holding you back to experience that abundant life.*’In simple terms Akashic Record is like a library that has all the information about the soul right from its origin and includes all information like the soul's thoughts, emotions and actions.’

This is so Powerful, imagine living your life knowing who you truly are and aligning your Work and Life to your authentic self. How would that make you feel? Have you ever questioned yourself, ‘Who Am I? Am I in the Right Job/Career?’. If yes, this will resonate to you.With all the information provided in the reading:

• You will know who you truly are at Soul level.
• If you are starting a new career you will understand if that would  be aligned to your authentic self.
• You will realise how your current career is serving you.
• You will gain clarity of why there seems to be an obstacle in your finances.
• You can start taking new actions to clear the blocks in your life.
• You will be more empowered and feel in charge of your life.


"Only new actions can bring new results and if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got."

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