I Empower

single women to create Financial Abundance in their lives
by clearing karmic debt and aligning with their authentic Soul Blueprint


Soul reading

Soul Realignment as the name suggests helps you to realign with the divine nature of your Soul. I access the Akashic Records* (only with full permission of the client) to obtain access to your divine Soul blueprint. This provides information on who you truly are at the Soul level as well as any blocks or restrictions you are experiencing in life which is holding you back to experience that abundant life.This is so Powerful, imagine living your life knowing who you truly are and aligning your Work and Life to your authentic self. How would that make you feel?
Have you ever questioned yourself, ‘Who Am I? Am I in the Right Job/Career?’. If yes, this will resonate to you. 

• You will know who you truly are at Soul level
• If you are starting a new career you will understand if that would be aligned to your authentic self.
• You will realise how your current career is serving you.
• You will gain clarity of why there seems to be an obstacle in your finances.
• You can start taking new actions to clear the blocks in your life.
• You will be more empowered and feel in charge of your life.
Only new actions can bring new results and ‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’.
*’In simple terms Akashic Record is like a library that has all the information about the soul right from its origin and includes all information like the soul's thoughts, emotions and actions.

Manifestation (Blueprint Analysis)

Do you have a goal in mind and have tried different ways of creating the result and manifesting it but nothing worked? You might have tried different techniques and may be also Law of Attraction. So, why do you think some people claim they can manifest things so easily with certain techniques but the others are still struggling? This is because all our Souls are designed uniquely and we work at different vibrations. We manifest things in a unique way. Once you know how your Soul is designed to manifest you can take actions aligned to your unique blueprint.
You can expect the following from blueprint analysis:

• Receive your highly personalised report of your manifestation blueprint.

• Understand how your soul is wired to manifest
• By being clear with your intention and goal we will work on what steps you can take      to achieve your goal.
• What action of yours might not be in alignment with your blueprint.
• Gain clarity on your blueprint and understand how this works for you.
• Comparative analysis if you are taking congruent actions to move closer to your goals.

Property Clearing

Do you feel a negative energy or uncomfortable at your home but perhaps don’t understand why are you feeling this way?
Are you trying to sell your property but are always facing obstacles?We all are energies, including the property we live in. There could be negative energies attached to your property and a property clearing will make a lot of difference . In this clearing work I will reveal all what I have found out about the property and clear the energy.
This is also extremely beneficial when you move to a new home or have your own office/shop.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are one of the most ancient tools used for divination.
I am an intuitive reader and I use a variety of tarot cards, angel cards and oracle cards to provide information.

Tarot reading is definitely a unique experience for everyone. It can provide clarity to the situation and this can assist you in making decisions. The question could be related to any area of your life whether it is career, relationship, finance or anything else. The guidance it provides can help us make a good choice for ourselves.