What our clients say

"Whisper The Mystery is indeed a 1OO % trustworthy and reliable reader. She's honest with her client yet at the same time being very gentle, empathic, warm and kindhearted. She's super on time in regard to delivering the reading.More so than that,her reading is very thorough and enables to dive deep in to many aspects. She doesn't care how many cards she has pulled or how many decks she has used for just a single reading. I am so impressed by her generosity and thoughtfulness. And the messages coming through with in her reading are extremely specific and to-the-point. I am totally breathless and speechless by the fact how intuitive she is and how accurate her reading has been. Not to mention the softest and silky texture voice of her that could tame a beast:) I highly recommend this amazing reader without reservation!


"I have worked with Monica recently to help me deal with the guilt that working parents go through. I found that she was very easy to talk to and very comforting. She was very receptive, heard my problems carefully and provided me with very sound advice and practical solutions to handle these issues. She explained the theory and the reason why I had the feelings and then went on to demonstrate ways of handling these issues by giving me some mental exercises. I tried these methods over a period of a week and she followed up with the progress the following week.
All in all, I found the experience very helpful and therapeutic and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is dealing with similar issues."


"Thanks Monica for the sessions so far. I would have never gone out for one of these therapies but you came across as a trustworthy, empathetic and friendly person so I thought I will give it a go and I am glad I did.  Monica tailored sessions based on my experience and her findings about the underlying issues related to guilt, anxiety and fear as we went along. Techniques provided by her not only help me as mother but also in the work environment. I apply the learning's and techniques to tackle the situations which otherwise would have made me very anxious. The more I practice the better and calmer I get and one day I hope this will become a second nature to me. She has always been very polite."


"Whisper the Mystery has been a blessing for me. I got in touch with her when I lost myself for a couple of months and had no sense of purpose or direction in life. Her predictions were very accurate and it all panned out as per her predictions. I was stressed about my career, because nothing seemed to work out with a disturbed state of mind, after doing a soul realignment, I got to know who I actually as a soul person and that gave me a new direction and I started changing myself to make my soul happy and here I am as a much stronger person, with my career working out better than I expected and everything falling in place after having a fall out.Thank you whisper the mystery once again for helping me through times I never thought I would get through."


"Hi everyone! For those seeing my message here and if you are literally drawn by Monica's voice and her readings and her good energy and even wanting a personal reading from her, let me tell you that it's all worth it! She did a personal reading for me and her energy and reading were excellent. I don't know her personally and not trying to advertise this channel in particular. Speaking from the heart and honest and from personal experience. Wish you all a great day wherever you are!"


"My soul reading's experience was interesting. I get to know the part of me that I have almost forgotten about myself. Hope all the great predictions will come soon. I felt very comfortable during the live reading and knew that I was in good hands."


"Thank you, Monica for the amazing private reading! They resonate with my situation and give me hope. Love your voice as well!  Will definitely recommend you to others!"

"You are amazing!!! It sounds almost entirely as in reality. I am so grateful for your time!!! Please don t stop your channel and what you are doing as you have a beautiful gift starting with your voice"


Thank you again for your light and wisdom, it was exactly what I needed at this time.🙏❤


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